How to navigate the ISO feed!

  • From the home screen you will see two options; Trade and ISO's

  • Tap the ISO's option

  • Tap the Post ISO button on the screen

  • The following page will show you your top ISO needs, with two options; Bump your Top ISO's and Update for updating your ISO list

  • You can add/delete/reorganize your ISO list, and update your top ISO items

Reorganizing your ISO list:

  • Long press the ISO item you would like to move, then drag the item up or down to where you would like it placed; either into your Top ISO's or another spot in your ISO list

Editing an ISO:

  • Tap the ISO item you would like to edit, and edit the item as needed

Adding a description to an ISO:

  • Tap the ISO you would like to add a description to

  • Tap the blue (!) icon to the right of the text box

  • Choose Edit item description

  • Add the description you would like to add, and then save

Bumping your top ISO Card in the ISO recent feed:

  • Once you have made your edits and added your top ISO needs, you can bump your ISO card in the ISO recent feed by tapping the Post top ISO's for 8 BTZ from the main ISO posting screen

  • This will debit 8 BTZ from your BTZ Wallet and bump your top ISO card to the top of the recent feed

*Note* You do not need to bump your ISO card each time you update your ISO list on Bunz, you can simply save your edits and close out the screen.

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