As fun as it is posting everything you own on Bunz it can be easy to get carried away. The following post covers items that are strictly banned from Bunz as well as items that are discouraged because of the inherent risks associated with their nature. 

Bunz strictly prohibits the trading of: prescription drugs; illegal materials such as ivory; firearms, ammunition, and illegal weapons (including mace); and bodily fluids (details below). 

If you post to trade alcohol, tobacco or adult products you are expected to comply with all applicable local laws and carefully consider the audience for that content.

Please do not use Bunz to trade live animals. That said, circumstances may exist that prevent you from being able to keep your pet and the welfare of animals and their owners are important to Bunz. If you do decide to use Bunz as a resource to find a new caregiver for your pet please see this resource provided by the Humane Society on best practices when rehoming a pet and recommendations on screening potential adopters.

Bodily Fluids
Bodily fluids such as blood, blood fractions, semen, and urine are not transactional items on Bunz. If transactions involve breast milk please consult a reputable source of medical information to become aware of the risk of communicable infections and the impact of diet on milk.

The following items are not banned but should be carefully considered when involved in a transaction. 

Tattoos and Body Modifications
Getting tattoos, body modifications or styling is ultimately at your own risk. Bunz is not responsible for the trade, competency or accuracy of an individual’s qualifications or practices. Consider reviewing the local legal standards in your area before committing to a trade of this nature. For information on the BodySafe program applicable to the city of Toronto please follow this link

Used Personal Items
This includes contact lenses, Diva cups and sex toys. All products of a bodily nature contain inherent risks, even if they have been properly sanitized (boiled or put through the dishwasher). The porous nature of silicone and other soft plastics means that they can never be 100% impervious to possible contaminants. The risk of transmission of any disease may be small but it does exist and should to be taken into account.

Similarly, even if sanitized, makeup can carry diseases such as herpes and pink eye/conjunctivitis (especially when liquid or cream). Please be aware of the risks involving in the trading of makeup.

Trade safe, Bunz!

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