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How do I manage my Easyjet booking? (Add bags, select seats)
How do I manage my Easyjet booking? (Add bags, select seats)

You've booked your Easyjet flights with Butter, and now you need to add bags, choose your seats, or even change your flights. Here's how.

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When you book your Easyjet tickets via Butter, Easyjet let's you manage your booking with the email address on your Butter account. This means that you can login to the Easyjet website and manage your booking directly with them.

To manage your booking, you'll need to login on the Easyjet website. If you don't have an Easyjet account please click here , or your Easyjet account is linked to a different email address, please also click above.

  1. To get started, go to Manage Bookings on the Easyjet website.

2. IMPORTANT: 'Did you make the booking?' Choose 'Yes'.
3. Enter your booking reference - this can be found in the confirmation email sent to you by Easyjet.
4. Use your Easyjet account email and password to login to your Easyjet account.Β 

You can now add baggage, choose seats, change flight times and more, directly inside the Easyjet portal.

Please note: Changes, amendments, adding baggage, choosing seats and adding extras is done with Easyjet directly and may incur additional charges from Easyjet. It is not possible to spread the cost of these additional services using your Butter account.

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