The reward is one of the most important parts of an ambassador program. It's how you motivate your ambassadors to stay engaged, stay active, and keep making you $$$. Buzzbassador uses a sales commission as the primary form of reward for ambassadors. In this article, we will go over how to set up your commission settings so that your ambassadors can get paid exactly how you want them to.

Every time your ambassador's referral code is used to make a purchase on your site, our app will track the order and pull it into your orders log within Buzzbassador. Based on the commission rule you've set, the app will then automatically calculate how much commission your ambassador earned from that order. To set that rule up, follow the instructions below.

Set Your Ambassadors' Commission Settings

1. Navigate to Commission Settings

Click the settings icon (⚙️) at the top right of your app, and then click the "Commission Settings" tab.

2. Click "Create"

Buzzbassador provides a default commission rule that is already available and turned on. This commission is worth 5% per sale and applies after the code's discount. If you want a commission rule with different settings, you can create your own by clicking the "Create" button.

3. Set your commission settings by editing and filling in the blanks

In the commission editor, you can change the commission settings to your liking by simply selecting or typing in a different value. Here is a breakdown of what each blank means and the option(s) you have for each:

Percentage vs. Fixed Amount: At the top left of the commission rule screen, there is a section with two circular selectable buttons: "Percentage" and "Fixed Amount". This is how you select the type of commission you want to offer.

  • Percentage commission is a percentage of the sale generated. For example, if you set your percentage commission rate at 10% and someone places a $10 order, the ambassador would receive $1 ($10 x 0.10 = $1).

  • Fixed commission, on the other hand, is standard for every sale, meaning that no matter what amount the sale is, the ambassador receives the same reward. For example, you could offer $2 per sale or $5 per sale.

Commission Rate: This is how you set the rate of your commission. If you select percentage commission, you could set it at 5% or 10% per sale. If you select fixed commission, you could set it at $3 or $5 per sale. Feel free to offer as much or as little as you'd like!

Commission Apply: This is where you can select how you want your commission to be calculated: either before the referral code's discount is taken off of the order total (full order amount), or after the discount is applied (discounted order amount).

Start At: This is where you can set the date that your commission rate will begin calculating from the sales that are placed. If you have a particular launch date for your ambassador program, you could include that date here. Or, you can just set it to the current day so that the commission rule will be active going forward.

4. Click "Create"

Make sure to click the "Create" button to save your changes!

And there you go-- you're done with setting up your ambassadors' commission settings!

Keep in mind that whatever commission rate you set here will apply to all ambassadors. We do not (yet) offer tiered commissions, or a way to provide different commission levels for different ambassadors. That is something we plan to offer in the future!

If you need any further help, please don't hesitate to send us a chat at the bottom right corner of your app screen, or email us at .

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