After an ambassador has been approved into one of your program tiers, they can easily be moved to another tier at any time. To do so, just follow the steps below 😉

  1. Go to the Ambassador Log inside of your Buzzbassador app.

  2. Navigate to the ambassador that you wanting to move to another tier.

  3. Under the Program column in that ambassador's respective row, select the dropdown displaying the title of their existing tier, and select the desired new tier in the drop-down menu.

And that's it! The ambassador has been switched over.

You can also change an ambassador's tier while viewing their profile. From the Ambassador Log, just navigate to the ambassador you want to view, look over to the Actions column, and click the eye icon (👁 ) in that ambassador's respective row. From there, you will see the ambassador's profile. Just click the identical program tier dropdown from under the ambassador's name and select the desired new tier!

What happens when I switch an ambassador to a new tier?

The ambassador's referral code will have to be moved to the new referral rule for their newly assigned program tier, but the code title will remain the same. The new tier's discount, referral, and commission rate will all be updated to match the settings of their newly assigned tier. The ambassador will not be notified when you switch them to a new tier, but if they log in to their Buzzbassador account (here), they will be able to see that their perks (commission, discount, and referral rate) have changed.

What if you want to perform a mass tier change for multiple ambassadors?

Unfortunately, the functionality for this is not currently available. Our program tiers feature is brand new, and we are still rolling out parts of it. As soon as the ability to mass-assign ambassadors to a new tier is completed, we will notify you! In the meantime, our team is on standby and would be more than happy to help you move your ambassadors to new tiers. We always want to take time off your hands wherever we can!

If you need any further help, please don't hesitate to send us a chat at the bottom right corner of your app screen, or email us at

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