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How to connect Tableau to your data lake
How to connect Tableau to your data lake

Start building reports and visualizations in just a few minutes by connecting Tableau to your Bytespree data lake.

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Step 1: Update your server's firewall rules to permit access to your Tableau instance

Navigate to Admin > Servers > Edit > Allowed IP Addresses and enter your Tableau IP addresses into the Allowed IP Addresses fields. If you're not sure what your addresses are, contact your Tableau administrator.

Note: This only applies to Postgres servers purchased from Bytespree and does not apply to self-hosted Postgres or Snowflake servers. If your server is self hosted, proceed to step 2.

Step 2: Generate a read-only SQL user

Log into your Bytespree data lake and find the database you want to connect to Tableau. From the option selector, choose "Manage Database Settings". Next, choose the "SQL Access" tab. Here, you'll be able to enable read-only SQL access.

Take note of the username, password, hostname, and port โ€“ and don't forget to click "Save".

Step 3: Set up a new connection in Tableau

  • In Tableau, under "Connect" -> "To a Server", choose "PostgreSQL"

  • Enter the credentials acquired during step 1

Step 4: You have successfully connected Tableau to your Bytespree data lake.

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