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How to create a new server
How to create a new server

Create a new PostgreSQL server to store your data.

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Pre-requisite: You'll need to be a team admin in order to create new servers for your team.

Bytespree stores your team's data on PostgreSQL servers. At times, you may need to create additional servers to store your data. Creating new servers is easy and can be achieved through the Bytespree admin console.

Log into your Bytespree team and follow these easy steps to get a new server started.

At the top of the screen, find the "Admin" link in the menu bar and click on it.

Click on the "Server Management" tab, which will display a list of servers currently configured for your Bytespree team.

Click the "Add Server +" button and select a configuration

Provide a simple name for your server that will help you remember what it is used for. Server names are required to be unique across all Bytespree users, so the name you want may not be available.

Submit your server and wait for it to be created

Server creation usually finishes within 10 minutes. You'll receive a notification in the Bytespree notification center as soon as your new server is ready.

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