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How to manage firewall rules for a server
How to manage firewall rules for a server

Limit inbound traffic to your warehouse's servers using firewall rules

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Bytespree takes security seriously, and that means that external connections to your Bytespree-managed servers are only allowed from approved IP addresses. To manage the IP addresses from which third-party systems are allowed to attempt connection, follow these steps:

Note: You'll need to be a Team Admin in order to manage firewall rules.

  1. Navigate to your team's Admin console

  2. Choose Servers from the top menu

  3. Hover over the server you'd like to manage firewall rules for; click the Edit icon

  4. If not already checked, check the checkbox for Allow access from external IPs

  5. Enter one or more IP addresses to grant connection access to –– note that netmasks are allowed in the IP address input field

  6. Click Submit

It may take up to 15 minutes for firewall rules to be updated for your server.

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