Step 1: Update your server's firewall rules to permit access to Google's network

Google maintains a list of IP addresses for its PostgreSQL connectivity network. Make sure to each of this in Admin > Servers > Edit > Allowed IP Addresses

Step 2: Generate a read-only SQL user

From Bytespree Warehouse, find the database you want to connect to Google Data Studio. From the option selector, choose "Manage Integration Settings". Next, choose the "SQL Access" tab. Here, you'll be able to enable read-only SQL access.

Take note of the username, password, hostname, and port – and don't forget to click "Save".

Step 3: Set up a new PostgreSQL data source in Google Data Studio

Navigate to this page to set up a new PostgreSQL data source in your Google Data Studio account. You'll use the credentials provided in the previous step to authenticate.

When setting up the Postgres data source in Google Data Studio, make sure to check the box for enabling SSL. You will also need to download and use following SSL Certificate files when creating the data source.

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