How to keep your data secure

Data security is essential to any data environment. Learn how the Bytespree platform can help you keep your data safe.

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As your Bytespree environment begins to fill with critical data for your business, it is important to create a strategy for securing your data, controlling who has access, and keeping API keys and passwords secure.

Encourage team members to change their passwords at least once per year

Changing your Bytespree password is easy. Simply log in and choose Manage My Account from the user menu (pictured below).

In the account modal, specify and confirm a new password. Then click Update.

Update your read-only SQL credentials

If you're accessing your Bytespree data using a BI platform or another SQL utility, rotate your read-only SQL password at least once per year. From Warehouse, choose Manage Database Settings for a database with enabled SQL access. Next, choose the SQL Access tab. Finally, click the refresh icon (pictured below). Make sure to click Update so your password change takes effect.

Review role configurations and user permissions

From Admin, first choose the Roles tab. Review the roles that have been created for your Bytespree team for both Warehouse and Studio. Ensure that the permissions assigned to each role accurately reflect what each user should be able to do in Bytespree. Make adjustments as necessary.

Next from Admin, choose the Users tab. Open each user's permissions dialogue by clicking their name. Review the roles assigned to each user for each database and Studio project. Make adjustments as necessary.

Enable dual-factor authentication for your account

Dual factor authentication is one of the most reliable ways to keep intruders out of your Bytespree account โ€“ even if your credentials become compromised. Enable dual-factor authentication by clicking Manage My Account within the user menu (pictured below). When you're finished updating your dual-factor authentication preferences, be sure to click Update.

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