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Invite a Stakeholder
Invite a Stakeholder

How to invite a Shareholder or Optionholder to view their holding in your company on Cake.

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  1. To invite a Stakeholder to the platform, click on 'Company' from the main menu and then select 'Stakeholders'.

  2. Navigate to the 'Contacts' tab and locate the Stakeholder you wish to invite by searching for their name.

  3. Once you have found their name, click on the 'More' button to the right of it and select 'Invite'.

This will prompt the platform to send an email invitation to the selected Shareholders and/or Optionholders. After the Stakeholder has signed up, they will be able to view their holding in your company in their 'Portfolio' on Cake, as well as any documents or announcements you have shared with them.

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