In the Settings & Billing section you can enter the details that ASIC has on file about your company. You can either download that information from your ASIC connect account or ask your registered agent to provide it to you. 

Once you've downloaded the information follow these steps:

  1. Head to Settings & Billing from the main menu.

  2. Complete the fields in the company details section including the Company Name, Company Registration Number and Registered State. You can also add your logo here too for your Share Certificate template, and just to personalise your account a little!

  3. If you have one, add your Registered Agent and they will get a daily summary email with any share issuances or share transfers that you have made on the Cake platform.

  4. Finally, add your Company Addresses.

This information will be used to populate any legal documents created through the platform so it's important to ensure this is all accurate!

Watch this short video demonstrating how to add or update your company details on Cake:

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