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Create and manage contact groups
Create and manage contact groups

In this article we show you how to create groups of contacts which can be used for announcements and document sharing

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Creating a group

  1. Go to Company in the main menu on the left

  2. Choose Stakeholders from the dropdown menu

  3. Click Groups in the top menu

  4. Click the New Group button in the top right hand corner

  5. Enter a name for your group and click Add

  6. On your new group click View Users

  7. In the Add Users field Start typing the name of the contact you would like to add

  8. Then select the user from the list below, click Add

  9. Once you have added all the user to your group click the Close button

Duplicate a group - use this if you want to use an existing group as a base for a new group. Add new stakeholders to the group or remove select contacts that you do not wish to be included here anymore.

N.B. you cannot add or remove contacts from the groups Cake automatically generates for you, you should duplicate it and then add or remove contacts.

  1. On the group you wish to duplicate, click the three dots

  2. Choose Duplicate from the dropdown menu

  3. Enter a name for your group and click Duplicate

  4. To add or remove contacts, click Manage users

  5. Add new contacts by searching for them from your list of contacts and clicking Add or click the trash πŸ—‘οΈ icon to remove contacts.

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