Before setting up the Share Certificate template, you will need to ensure you have added your company details and signatories into the platform.

Watch a 3 minute video here running through how to set up the Share Certificate template or scroll for detailed instructions!

  1. From the Settings & Billings tab, ensure the Company Details tab is complete and up to date with

    • Company Name

    • Registration Number

    • Registered State

    • Registered Address

    • Logo

  2. Then Head into the Stakeholders tab from the main menu and select Board Members.

  3. Nominate the Primary Signer and Second Signer (if the company has only one director, then just add them as a Primary Signer).

  4. From the main menu, go to Documents.

  5. Head into Templates.

  6. Click on the PDF labelled Share Certificate.

  7. On the right hand side, you will see the name of the nominated Primary Signer (and Second Signer if applicable). Add the electronic signature by clicking the + next to the respective name under Signatures.

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