You can send out resolutions (or other documents) for signing through the 'Blank Contract' feature.

  1. From the top menu, head to Documents.

  2. Select Templates from the left hand side.

  3. Choose to set up a new 'Blank Contract' template.

  4. You will then be prompted to edit the Document Name. Click Save once you have set this up.

  5. Find and click on the created template under the Template Name list.

  6. Click Edit Template. The resolution will open in a new window for you to edit and enter the relevant text. You do not need to type in the execution blocks, simply make sure to leave the 'Special Variable' labelled Signatures down the bottom of the document. This will enter in the correct signing block for the relevant signatories when it is sent for signing, based on their entity type (ie, company or individual).

  7. Please note the text copied in may require some re-formatting once it has been inserted into the engine. The engine does not support tables, but you can copy in images (ie, screenshots).

  8. When you are ready to send, exit this window and head back to the previous window. The contract will save automatically.

  9. Click the Refresh button and you will see your text has been added.

  10. Click the Approve button in the top right corner and then Send for Signing.

  11. You will then be asked to select the parties you would like the resolution to be sent to. This can be done individually, or by groups (created in the Communication section). If you want to send the document to parties that are not yet shareholders, then add them as a contact in the Communication section first.

  12. Once you have selected the relevant parties, click Next Step.

  13. Edit the E-mail Subject and E-mail Message to be sent to the parties. Click Next Step and the resolution will be prepared and sent to the selected parties.

  14. You can track the signature status at any time by heading to Documents --> Pending Signature.

  15. You can send reminders for signing through the Action centre, it if has not been signed within 24 hours.

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