You can use Cake to not only store your documents for your internal needs, but also share these and attach specific documents to your shareholders.

Think Share Certificates, Subscription Agreements, ESOP Offer documents -- now you won't be trawling through your Google Drive to find the "V4_UPDATED_FINALFINAL" version to send in the next 20 minutes. Just search for the relevant contact in your Cake account and voila, all their executed documents are in one place.

Watch a 3 minute video here demonstrating how to upload & share documents or scroll for detailed instructions -

Step 1: Uploading -

  1. Head to the Documents tab. There will be a few folders in here that will have a 'lock' icon in the bottom right corner. These folders cannot be deleted or renamed as they are used if you are executing documents through Cake. You can create new folders and sub-folders by clicking + New Folder in the top right corner.

  2. Upload documents into your desired folder by clicking the Upload button in the top right corner.

  3. You will have two options in the next window - Browse Files or Browse Folders. If you already have a set folder structure on your desktop, you can copy that over as is into your Cake account without having to re-create the entire structure. N.B. Any folders containing no documents will not copy over. Use the Browse Files option if you are only wanting to upload specific documents.

Step 2: Sharing -

You can share documents at either a folder level or document level. If you are planning to upload documents consistently to a particular folder, you can share the entire folder with specific contacts or a group of contacts to avoid having to do this every time you upload a new document.

N.B. Sharing documents through Cake will not send anything to your shareholders. It will simply make that document visible to them when they next log in to Cake. It will also add the document to their contact in the company view of your account so you can see which documents are relevant to which shareholder. For example, this could be useful for allocating Share Certificates that you have already issued outside of Cake to the respective shareholder.

  1. Click on More on either the Document or the Three Dots on the Folder you would like to share.

  2. Choose Share from the dropdown menu.

  3. You will have two options in the next window - Share with Shareholder or Share with Group. You will also have a list of contacts that already have access to the document or folder and can remove people if necessary from this window. Once you have specified who you would like to give access to, click Share.

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