To configure outgoing calls via Twilio, perform the following steps:

1. Go to "Company Settings" from the user’s menu (the account of the company owner).
2. Click "Sip Provider" drop-down list.
3. Select "Twilio" in the displayed list.
4. In the "Account SID" input field, enter the corresponding Account SID.
5. In the "Auth Token" input field, enter the corresponding Auth Token.
6. Click "Save".
7. Go to Settings> Carriers.
8. Click "+ New Carrier".

9. In the "General" tab, select "use your own carrier".
10. Click "API Provider" drop-down list.
11. Select "Twilio".
12. Click drop-down list "Assign to users".
13. Select users.
14. Click "Save".

Now you can call!

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