To configure incoming calls through your DIDx account, follow these steps:

  1. Go to "Company Settings" from the company master account (the first account created in Callision by your organization)

  2.  Click "Company Settings"

  3.  In "SIP" tab, select "DIDx" from the drop-down menu

  4.  In the "User ID" input field, enter the corresponding User ID.

  5.  In the "Password" input field, enter the appropriate Password.

  6. Click "Log In".

7. Click "Select numbers to import".
8. Select the phone numbers you want to forward to a Callision endpoint
9. Click "Import Selected Numbers".
10. Click "Save".
11. Go to Settings> Numbers.
12. Select the number you have just imported
13. Enter the desired number settings in the General tab.
14. Click "Save".

Now you can receive calls to your DIDx number in Callision. High five! 

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