The lines are designed to make calls to Callision. The lines are independent of each other and allow you to make several simultaneous calls.

In order to make the 2nd call from the widget, just click free line.

Input field with keypad - designed to enter the phone number to which you want to call.

To enter a number, use either the numeric keypad of the widget or enter the number using the keyboard of your device.
To delete a number, click "Erase" button.

To make a call, enter the number and click "Call" button.

To receive an incoming call, press Green button in the incoming call window.

To reject the call, press Red button.

To pause the call, click "Pause" button.

The call will go into "Hold" mode. To disable the hold mode, click "Pause" button.

To mute a call, click "Mute" button.

After you press the button, the sound of your microphone will be turned off. To enable it, click  "Mute" button.

To transfer a call, click "Transfer" button.

Click direction you need (for example - another user).

Then, click internal number of the direction in the header of the transfer window.

The call will be transferred.
You can also transfer the call to an external number. To do this, click "Transfer" button, enter the number you need in the input field and click "Transfer" button in the caps of the window of the tangles.

The "Status" button allows you to change the status of your user on the system.

Clicking on the button will display the status selection bar.

Select the status you need and it will change throughout the entire Callision system.

The history button displays the history of incoming, outgoing and missed calls

You can filter the history of calls using the built-in filtering tools. To do this, click on the filter icon you need.

To disable the filter, click on its icon. You can also include multiple filters at the same time.

The "Contacts" button will open a contact list that contains all contacts entered into the Callision system.

To call a subscriber from your contact list, open the list and click on the desired contact, then click on its internal number in the header of the contacts window.

You can also use the search tool to quickly find the contact you need.

The setup button opens the widget's settings.

The settings window contains settings for microphone and speakers, information about the Callision account, as well as QR code for quick registration of softphones (for example Zoiper).

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