You can make and receive calls multiple ways, including desk phones, softphones, and our integrated, browser-based Web Phone. This article will mainly focus on the Web Phone, but some of its parts apply to other types of connectivity as well.

There are a number of things that can prevent you from making an outbound call. In this article, we will highlight the most common problems and their resolutions.

1. Is your microphone plugged in?

The first thing to check when a call just won't start is to check whether your microphone is connected, recognized by the system, and enabled in the browser.

2. Have you added a payment method or a SIP trunk?

To add or modify your payment methods go to

There, you will be able to create a payment profile by clicking "Add Credit Card" and verifying that card by clicking "Verify" next to the card you have added. 

Once you click "Verify",  you will see a pending transaction in your online banking. Once you enter the amount on hold, it is immediately released by Callision and will be available in a few days depending on your bank.

If your bank is not letting you see the amount in USD, email a screenshot of the pending Callision charge on your bank statement to and we will reach out to help you verify your account.

3. Is a Carrier assigned to your user?

Go to Settings> Carriers, and make sure that your carrier of choice is assigned to your user(s). If it is not, click on the carrier, and assign it by picking the users to assign it to from the dropdown on the right.

4. Are the routes properly configured for the Carrier?

Go to Settings> Carriers, click on the carrier that you are using, and its settings will open. There, go to the "Routes" tab.

Routes are used to permit destinations to make them reachable from within your organization, as well as adapt numbering to certain requirements (by adding and removing prefixes).

For example, adding "For calls to 1, use an empty prefix" would mean that you are permitting calls to the US, and are not doing anything with prefixes. That, in turn, means that you can dial 1 (212) 555-1212 to reach this number in the United States. Dialing (212) 555-1212, however, will not work unless you add another entry, setting 1 as the default prefix (For calls to Default, Use prefix 1). That will append 1 to every call for which no prefix exists.

Please note that prefixes are applied longest to shortest - e.g. 1212 before 121, 121 before 12, and so on.

5. Do you have a CallerID assigned?

Some carriers require you to have a non-empty CallerID in order to make calls. You can set and modify your CallerID by going to Settings>Users>user>Phone>SIP Provider or by opening your Webphone's "Settings" tab.

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