Linking a Student

This article demonstrates how to Link your Account to a Student Account, so that you can view the student in your Student Tracker

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The Student Tracker is a powerful tool which holders of Tutor and Guardian Accounts can use to track their students' or children's course progress, session attendance and results. The Student Tracker is also where assignments, tests and exams are submitted.
In order to view a student in your Student Tracker, your account needs to be linked to the Student Account.

To send a linking request from the Student Account to your account, follow the steps below:

  1. Have the student log into their Student Account

  2. Have the student use the menu to navigate to Linked Accounts

  3. Have the student enter your Tutor account's username (email address)

  4. Have the student select your Tutor account and send the linking request

  5. Log into your account

  6. Use the menu to navigate to Linked Accounts

  7. Accept the linking request from the Student Account

Once the linking request is no longer pending, you will be able to view your student in the Student Tracker from your account.
Please note that new student accounts will be automatically linked to your account if you log into your account, and select "Create a New Student Account" from the Student Tracker.

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