Inside CampusKnot, educators have access to our participation tools for free. Students pay less than a monthly Netflix subscription for unlimited classes. View our plans here.

How do I subscribe?

First, make sure you have created a CampusKnot account. If you do not have an account, no worries. Here is how to get started.

  1. Log in to your CampusKnot account

  2. You will be directed to our subscription page

  3. Select your plan; inside CampusKnot, you have two options

    • Silver plan for $11.96 for 4-months

    • Gold plan for $24.00 for 12-months

4. Input your card details and agree to the terms of use


  • You’ll be charged $11.96 every four-month (if you select the Silver plan) or $24.00 every twelve months (if you selected the Gold plan) until you cancel your subscription.

  • Inside CampusKnot, your payment data is encrypted and secure.

5. Once your payment has been submitted; you will receive a confirmation email with the following details:

  • CampusKnot email ID used

  • Payment method

  • Payment date

  • Subscription renewal date

To find your billing details inside CampusKnot, click here.

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