Important: You can only create a poll inside CampusKnot if you're the administrator of a course group.

  1. Navigate to the Poll tab

  2. Click on 'Add Poll'

add poll button

3. Inside CampusKnot, you can create multiple-choice, open-ended, and anonymous polls

poll options inside CampusKnot

4. Set a duration for the poll. You can select between a day, a few hours, minutes, or seconds

5. Add points to your polls

Important: Only multiple-choice polls are automatically graded

Add points to a poll

6. Next, it's time to post your poll. Here are the options inside CampusKnot

  • Post now: Allows instructors to post a poll right away

  • Schedule Poll: Let our system do the work by scheduling a poll for later

  • Save as Draft: Save now and post later *preferred by most instructors*

posting options inside CampusKnot

7. Select 'Save' once you're ready

Important: Don't forget that you can share polls with more than one group at a time.

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