1. Navigate to the Quiz tab

  2. Click on 'Add Quiz'

add a quiz button

3. Inside your quiz input:

  • Quiz name

  • Quiz duration

  • Quiz points

  • Important: Inside CampusKnot, you can allow students to take a quiz from their mobile devices. You also have the ability to randomize the questions for students.

4. Choose between:

  • Schedule quiz: Let our system do the work by scheduling a poll for later

  • Save as draft: Save now and post later *preferred by most instructors*

5. Click on 'Save'

Save button inside the CampusKnot quiz

6. Once you've saved your quiz, it's time to:

Add points

Create questions. Inside CampusKnot you can mix-and-match between:

  • Multiple-choice questions

  • Open-ended questions

  • Matching

Important: Don't forget to select 'save' as you are creating your questions.

7. Make sure you're saving your questions as you create them. If you're ready to exit your poll, click on the grey out section and refresh your page to see the quiz

8. Don't forget to have fun! You can get creative by adding images and video links inside your questions

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