1. There are two ways to access a quiz:

  • From within the push notifications

  • From the Quiz tab

2. We will access the quiz from the Notification 🔔 section

Notifications inside CampusKnot

3. Select the Quiz notification inside the 'Needs Attention' section

Quiz notification inside CampusKnot

4. Once inside the quiz, make sure you pay attention to:

  • Time left: you'll see how long you have to take the quiz

  • Course name: you'll find your course and instructor's name, quiz duration, and the start and end date

5. Click on 'Start Quiz'

Start quiz

6. On the top right corner you'll notice a ⏲ timer, letting you know how much time you have left

Important: Notice that you have to save open-ended questions

7. Once you're ready click 'Submit Quiz'

Please note that after after you answer questions, they'll be highlighted under 'Question' to indicate you have selected an answer or made an input.

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