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Configuring your custom settings
Configure your custom video RFI form
Configure your custom video RFI form

Gather any type of lead data required to enroll your best fit students.

Written by Robert Carroll
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When embedding video onto your school's website, maximize its value by enabling your custom Video RFI form and turn any video into an effective lead capture tool.

Capture only the data points that are meaningful to you when soliciting a prospect's information.

To configure the questions that will appear when a user will be asked, go to the "Video Lead Form" from the left hand navigation of your admin portal.

We’ve created a set of pre-built questions based on specific user personas that you can use out-of-the-box to ensure all user submitted data is clean and uniform.

For example, without uniform data an open-ended question asking “What’s your expected entry date?” could return submissions like “May 6th”, “5/6/2021” or “05/06”. Our pre-defined questions restrict inputs so they match and don’t result in these types of variable responses – in the example above, the user would need to enter a date in the format of MM/DD/YYYY.

If you can’t gather the appropriate data with any of our pre-built questions, you can also create your own text-based questions or multiple-choice questions.

Important Note: You can gather a different set of data for different user types. For example, you can ask parents different questions than students. Keep reading below on how to use this flexibility.

Pre-built Questions

You can easily add any of the below questions to your RFI Form. They are pre-built and ensure data integrity and consistency.

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email

  • Full Address – this automatically parses the user’s address into street number, street name, city, state, zip code and county. It’s a fantastic way to gather all of this data in one question!

  • Expected Major - this will pull a complete list of all majors offered at all accredited institutions across the country.

  • Intended Enrollment Date

  • Undergraduate University Selector

  • Birth date

  • Gender

  • Graduation Date

Custom Question Types

Text Input – Ask any question you’d like. The user’s response will be in the form of a text input.

Multiple Choice – Ask any question you’d like and create any number of possible responses for a user to select from a drop-down menu. The user can only select one choice.

First select the user type, then decide which data points you'd like to keep, toss, or add.

Setting Different Questions for Different User Types

You can set different questions for up to 6 different user types. Our user types are: High School Student, College Student (e.g. transfers), Parent, Graduate Student, or Other.

Select the user type from the dropdown list at the top of the screen. After you select a type, you will see the respective questions for that type appear. After you set the questions for a user type, be sure to click the “Save” button!

Changing the Question Order

You can easily change the question order by selecting the little dotted lines on the left side of the question item. Drag and drop the question to place it wherever you want.

Customizing the Form Text & Branding

You can change the heading and subheading text on the RFI Form’s main screen, as well as the color of the “Continue” button.

To change the first screen’s text, simply click into the text and write whatever you’d like.

To change the color of the “Continue” button, select the color picker and enter whatever color suits your brand or website best.

You can preview all of these changes in real-time in the Video RFI preview to the right of the questions and settings configurations as in the image above.

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