ShipStation is more than just a great shipping app - it's the best and fastest way to link Candid seamlessly to your accounting, 3PL, and multichannel inventory systems. 

New to ShipStation? Read more about it here.

Please note: if you currently use ShipStation for your B2C e-commerce site, you still need to follow the steps below - this will create a second store just for Candid.

How to integrate your Candid account, step by step

Within ShipStation, go to "Selling Channels > Store Setup":

From there, click "Connect a Store or Marketplace." When the modal pops up asking you what you want to connect, choose "Custom Store":

Now it gets fun. For "URL to Custom XML Page", enter:[name_key]

...where [name_key] is the dasherized part of your shareable collection URL that looks like your company name.

For example, if your company is called Mark's Wild Medallions & your shareable collection URL is, your [name_key] is marks-wild-med, meaning you enter in the ShipStation field:

Next, enter the Candid username & password for yourself or any of the users associated with your company.

For the custom order statuses, you only need to change "Paid Status" from "paid" to "ready_to_ship" - everything else stays the same:

Finally, click "Test connection" & make sure it all works. Assuming it does, "Connect!"

Back in Candid, when an order is approved by both parties, the "Ready to ship" & "Send shipment" buttons will now send the order to ShipStation, where it will automatically move between states like "Awaiting Shipment", "Shipped", etc. depending on what you do in Candid. Conversely, when you manually change the shipment's status in ShipStation this will update the order in Candid.

Not seeing current order information?

Don't forget to hit the "Update all stores" sync button in ShipStation so it has the latest information from Candid. And by the same token, if you're managing shipments in ShipStation, don't forget to refresh your Candid tab if you want to see the latest shipment status.

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