Because Shopify supports multi-location inventory, Candid makes it easy to use any of the inventory management strategies described in our Managing Inventory in Candid article:

1. Unlimited
2. Limited & Separate From Retail

Since the above options have no connection to Shopify, no special steps are required.

3. Limited & Synced With Retail

In this scenario, you might have a single stock that serves wholesale, ecommerce, brick & mortar, etc. This is great for brands with single-site DTC retail, or closeouts, where you just want to get inventory down to zero by any means necessary.

Alternately, you might have a separate inventory location just for wholesale that you nevertheless prefer to manage from within your ecommerce platform. Shopify in particular is well-suited to this, due to its multi-location inventory support.

In the above use-cases, this usually means that your inventory will need to be managed by your Shopify site but the inventory should be auto-reserved in Candid. This can be done by using settings similar to the ones seen below which can be found by clicking Visit Settings in your product manager.

Use these settings:

How this setting looks in the product manager:

Note: All stock numbers are read-only using this setting.

Once these changes have been saved, if you choose to toggle "Sell Available Stock Only" to "On", you'll find that inventory quantities are read-only & coming through directly from the assigned location in Shopify. 

This information will stay synced moving forward, so any changes you make on your Shopify site will be reflected almost instantly in Candid. 

Should these numbers appear mismatched for any reason, wait a few minutes, refresh your browser, and/or initiate an internal inventory transfer within Shopify to make sure the changes are being picked up.

While Candid syncs with Shopify automatically, the only catch is that sometimes the data takes a bit of time getting out of Shopify. This happens sometimes with their catalog exports too, and is why they email you CSV's instead of letting you download them right away – your request has to get in line with all the other Shopify users, and if there's exceptionally high traffic it can take longer than usual. If you continue to wait longer than expected please reach out to our support team at or by using the chat bubble in the bottom right corner of the screen. 

I have more than one location, which one should I choose?

When you integrate your Shopify account, all the locations you do business with will show up under locations in your Candid settings. To correctly manage your inventory in Candid you will want to select the Shopify location that holds all of your product's inventory.

Note: Currently Candid only supports inventory tracking at one location at a time. If you have inventory held at multiple locations we recommend adjusting your inventory settings to manage inventory within Candid:

Helpful links about how locations work in Shopify:

Getting started with locations

Setting up your locations

Note from Shopify: If you use apps that physically stock inventory for you, then they are treated as locations. Inventory apps include dropshipping apps, third-party logistics services, and custom fulfillment services. For example, an app could be a warehouse that fulfills orders on your behalf.

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