In Candid you have the option to set up a feature called Candid Pay that gives you the ability to accept credit card payments from buyers. This feature allows buyers to pay for their order with just a few clicks of a button when they open their invoice.

How does it work?

Candid Pay is powered by the payment processing platform Stripe.  We have partnered with Stripe because they provide a high level of security that we think is really valuable to our customers. Stripe charges a small, standard, processing fee that you can see the current pricing for here. Candid does not, and never will, charge you any additional order transaction fees.

Note: Currently Candid Pay only works with accounts that have a legal business entity (website, address, phone number, etc.) registered in the United States. If you have a business located outside the United States you can still send invoices in Candid as normal, you will just need to accept payments using a different method. Once someone has paid, simply mark the invoice as paid manually on the order. We hope to be able to accept international brands with our Stripe account in the very near feature, please stay tuned for updates!

Setting up your Candid Pay account

You can set up your account to accept credit cards by heading over to your company settings page:

Click on "get set up" and then fill in your details:

📝 PLEASE NOTE: if you already have an account at, you will still need to create a Candid Pay account. These two accounts can use the same email address, and bank account, but they also don't have to – just know that they are two completely separate accounts, and you can't access one from the other.

How to get Candid Pay transactional reports

You can view all of your payment transactions from the HQ page by clicking on Your Payment Account at the bottom of the page:

You will then see a list of all your transactions that looks something like this:

From here you can also edit your Candid Pay account by clicking on the Account tab:

To request a detailed report of all your transactions from us click on Request Detailed Report and send us a message:

Getting Paid

Now the fun part, getting paid! On your Sales page, you can search for the invoice and payment status of orders:

From your list of sales, you can then go through and create and send an invoice for each shipment. You will see options to add terms, notes and payment methods to the invoice:

NOTE: if a customer writes you a check or pays in cash you can manually enter that the invoice has been paid by clicking on "add manual payment" in the payments section shown in the image above.

Once your invoice is ready to go, click "Send Invoice" and you will see a dialog box that looks like this:

From here, select your recipient, add an optional message, and click Send to send an invoice with direct payment link to anyone you'd like – even a separate billing contact from the person you've been working with thus far on the order.

Checking Account Status

You can check on the account status of all your sales by using the search filter tools on your Sales page:

From the list of orders, you can further group and stack filters to refine your search:

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