Want to create a test order first?

We have a system set up for creating test orders, to learn more about how it works click here.

Step 1 - Start a new order

To start a new order head to your Buyer HQ and then click the New Order button:

In the seller search area, begin typing in the name of the company you want to buy from. Most of the time a partial search will be enough to find them:

Note: If you can't find your seller in Candid's database please contact us at team@candidwholesale.com so that we can assist you.

Step 2 - Select products from your vendor's catalog

Once you have selected your vendor you will then be taken to a draft order form where you can select products from your vendor's catalog seen to the right of the order form:

Note: On a mobile device the catalog and order form might look slightly different in a way that some might find hard to navigate. For this reason, we recommend using a device that is tablet size or larger for the best user experience. In the meantime, we will be continuing to further optimize Candid for mobile device use.

To add items from their catalog select the item, enter the quantity you want to order and then click done:

You can continue adding products or add another shipment to your order:

Tip: Split shipments are helpful if you have a large order that you would like shipped on different dates. This can be especially useful if your purchase order contains seasonal items.

Step 3 - Set your shipping address

Before you send the order to your vendor you will want to make sure everything is filled out correctly. Click on Set Shipping Location to add your address:

If you have any notes you would like to add for your vendor to see you can add those by navigating to the Details tab. Shared notes are visible to everyone and private notes are only visible to you:

Step 4 - Send the order to your vendor

Once your order is complete, click the Submit Order button to send the order to your vendor:

After you click Submit Order a form box will open (shown below). From here you have the option to send a message to your vendor along with the order. If your vendor has order minimums you will see a reminder for that. You will also need to select the address where you will be receiving the order. Clicking Send will then submit the order to your vendor for their approval:

Step 5 - Wait for your vendor to approve the order

Once you have submitted the order, your vendor will receive an email notifying them they have a new order to review. Your draft order will also show up in their new order timeline in Candid. When they approve your order you will then be notified by email and your order will change from draft to approved. For more information about how the order lifecycle works in Candid click here.

Helpful Tips

MSRP, Order Margin, and Profit are all included on every order so that you know right away what you can expect to make and track your profits:

On the Orders page you can see a list of all your orders in one place. Handy search filters enable you to also pin down the exact transactions you are looking for: 

You can also save/print a PDF copy of your order by clicking on the drop-down menu near the submit button:

Helpful links:

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