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View and download detailed sales and order report CSVs

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NOTICE! The analytics and reporting page is currently under construction. Please visit this link to learn how to download current sales reports.

It's now easier than ever to dig into your sales data with a wide range of analytics and reporting tools!

Note: Analytics is available as a part of Pro level subscriptions and above.

Four major types of reports can be found under the Analytics tab:

All of these reports use one or more filters: order and product. In their default configuration, they show everything:

They're stackable, so you can then use them to filter your data set to a particular date range, payment status, type of product, pretty much anything you'd like!

Example of how to search for all approved orders with a close date between 11/1/19 & 12/31/19:


Sales by order is great tool for finding all orders containing a specific product, in case you run out or something and need to update them all quickly, or just want to see who's buying what:

Each order number is a clickable link that will take you to that specific order:


This is a very commonly requested report, usually filtered by order status and/or catalog section. Here you can use the options menu to toggle rows and columns on/off and really customize the view you want:

You can then preview the data in app...

...or download it to use elsewhere:


This is a handy tool for creating a CSV export of a several orders quickly, with pretty much all the information available via the "Sales" page in Candid (shipping, payment, product information).

Common use cases include generating sales commission & tax reports.

There's a lot there, which means your output likely needs a fair amount of filtering, but this is the best way to, for instance, see all orders containing a specific product:

These reports can then be previewed in app or downloaded as well:


To print or save PDF invoices individually or en masse, you'll want to click "Order Printer", give it a minute to load if you're selecting a lot of orders, then set your filters & toggles like so:

You can further refine by any of the other filters, even down to a single order – just make sure you click "Search" after you update the filter criteria or the results won't update:

From there, you can just print or save to PDF using your browser's built-in print function (it should work everywhere but Chrome tends to have the least amount of wonkiness when it comes to printing), and it should hide all the buttons, etc. and automatically break so two shipments are never overlapping on a page:

You can also print labels from this page by setting the "Orders / Labels" toggle to "Labels", which are formatted to print to standard Avery 5160 label sheets:

Sort Stickers By Style or Store:

Filter / Search By Product Name or SKU:

Better Sticker Printing:

And that's it! As always please reach out to us if you have any questions or feedback about these new features.

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