Looking for some extra cash? Well you’re in luck! Improve your cash flow with our Prepaid Bundles feature, you can sell prepaid packages upfront for items which customers can redeem on later visits.

Create as many bundles as you need!

How do I setup a bundle?

  1. Login to the CandyBar Dashboard.

  2. Click on Add Rewards > Prepaid Bundles from the left side menu.

  3. Fill out all the information needed then click on Create Prepaid Bundle.

- Name the bundle

- Set how many items are in the bundle

- Put a price for it

- Set the validity for redeeming all the items in the bundle

- Add your own Terms and Conditions

How do I sell a bundle?

1. Go to Bundles tab from the drop-down menu on the upper right of your Crew Portal.

2. Key in the customer’s phone number.

3. Select the bundle you're selling to the customer.

4. Input how many of the bundle you're selling then click on Confirm.

An SMS text message will be sent to the customer to confirm the purchase.

How do I redeem a bundle for the customer?

1. Go to Queue tab of your Crew Portal.

2. Key in the customer’s phone number to see the available bundles.

3. Click on the bundle to be redeemed.

4. Input how many items of the bundle you're redeeming then click on Confirm.

That's it! Your store gets additional Cash Flow and your customer can simply redeem their items on their next visit. It's a win-win setup!

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