Make it faster for your cashiers to give out stamps and rewards so that customers aren't held up!

The Store Check-In Device is a customer facing device where customers can key in their mobile numbers themselves. All the cashier then needs to do is approve the number of stamps! 

Benefits of Using a Store Check-In Device

In addition to speeding up your queue, the Store Check-In Device is a visual and interactive way to engage customers and keep them excited about your loyalty program!

Check-In Alert

And, with our Check-In Alert, you'll never miss the chance to reward your regulars for their loyalty and repeat business. If you're running CandyBar on a shared device, you will get alerts on your Crew Portal when a customer checks-in on your Store Check-In. Your cashiers can quickly toggle to give out stamps, even when they have another app open.

The Store Check-in and alerts are provided at no extra cost! Click HERE for instructions on how to set up your Store Check-in today!

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