Looking to bring in more foot traffic when your store is empty? Add an off-peak offer to keep customers coming back!

How to Set-Up Time-Based Promo

  1. From the Add Rewards tab, click on 'Time-Based Promo'.

   2. Set the days of the week and hours during which the promo will be active.

   3. Select the reward you want to give from the drop-down box. There are currently four to choose from.

4. Select when the promo will start and when it will end.  

 5. Create the 'Text Message Content'. A preview will be shown on the right.

  6. Review the details when the customers get notified.

 7. Click ' Save Promo'.

8. Click on 'Start Notifying Customers From Tomorrow'.

9. A small pop-up window will ask you to confirm the details of the promo notifications to be sent. Click on 'Start sending...'

When are your Off-Peak Hours?

To get an idea of your off-peak hours, use CandyBar to tell when your cashiers are giving out fewer stamps than usual: 

  1. Head over to the Customers tab, then click on 'Insights'.

   2. Look at Store Activity to have an idea of your off-peak hours.

How to redeem Time-Based Promo rewards

  1. Open the Cashier Portal during the active hours of the reward. 

   2. Enter the customer's mobile number under the 'Queue' tab.

   3. Click the Time-Based Promo reward voucher that will come up under 'Limited Promotions'. You won't be able to click this reward reward outside the set hours of redemption.

   4. Check that the reward has been claimed. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is my Time-Based Promo not sending out on the specified date and time that I've set?

Make sure you have clicked on 'Save Promo' and 'Start Notifying Customers From Tomorrow'.

2. Can I change my reward settings?

Any changes made will take effect the following day at 9AM.

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