Promo Messages is finally here! This feature lets you send messages about special promos to existing customers who have visited your store in the past. Bring those creative marketing strategies to life with Promo Messages!

How do I enable Promo Messages?

The Promo Messages feature has two parts, the redeemable voucher (Promo Reward), and the text message sent to customers (Promo Message).

First, we'll walk you through how to create the 'Promo Reward', the redeemable voucher customers will see in CandyBar.

  1. From the Rewards menu, click on 'Promo Messages'.

   2. Under the 'Create new campaign' tab, you will see 'Your Promo Message Reward'. You have 4 options to choose from with corresponding details to fill in. 

        A. Discount Percentage

        B. Discount Amount

        C. Buy X, Get Y for a Discount

        D. Spend X, Get Y OFF

   3. Choose the 'Reward Quantity' that can be claimed by each customer. 

   4. Choose and set the 'Expiry Date' for the Voucher.

   5. Enter the 'Terms and Conditions' of this reward. This info also appears on the reward voucher. 

Remember that while editing the Promo Reward, you can see a preview of the reward voucher on the right half of the screen. Here's what the previous steps look like: 

Now, we'll edit the 'Promo Message', the text message sent to customers.

   6. Enter the 'Promo Message Content' in 100 characters or less. 

On the right of the screen, you can preview what the Promo Message will look like for your customers. Here's an example:

   7. Click on 'Save Campaign'.

The 'Save Campaign' button will be different, as shown below, for accounts without a credit card in place since every redemption from this feature charges $0.35 USD. Enter your payment details to proceed.

   8. Click on the 'Run campaign' tab.

   9. Choose the 'Reach' of the promo by ticking the radio button.

   10. Click on 'Run Now'. 

   11. A pop-up confirmation box will appear. Click on 'Run Now'.

How do I test the Promo Messages first?

  1. Save a campaign first under the 'Create new campaign' tab by following steps #1 up to #6 of the previous section.

   2. Go to the 'Run campaign' tab. 

   3. You can choose to test the feature by sending it to just one mobile number. Type in the mobile number and click on 'Send Test Message'.

How can customers redeem their Promo Messages Reward?

  1. From your Crew Portal, go to the 'Queue' tab.

   2. Enter your customer's mobile number. 

   3. Click on the Promo Messages reward voucher that appears below the customer's mobile number. 

Promo Messages - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which customers will receive the SMS?
  • Customers who visited your store at least twice in the past 6 months and have not connected their accounts to Facebook Messenger will receive the SMS. 

   2. How soon can the SMS be received by the customers?

  • The SMS will be received within 4hrs of running the campaign. 

   3. How soon can another Promo Message be sent?

  • A new Promo Message can be sent out as soon as the previous one has been fully sent to customers. You can check the admin dashboard to see the status of the previous Promo Message and whether sending is complete.

   4. Why is there a charge for usage this feature?

  • The $0.35 USD charge is not per SMS sent but only for each redemption of the reward voucher from this feature. If customers are using this reward voucher then it means this feature is bringing in valuable revenue. If there's no redemption, we will not collect any amount. 

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