Creating a Data Room

Open your own data room, invite and set permissions

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Your Data Rooms

On Capcade, you can participate in data rooms you control or join data rooms your counterparty controls.

Creating a Data Room

Watch a short video:

Or follow the step-by-step guide:

  1. Go to the Workspace Section

  2. Click the Create button and select Data Room

  3. Give the data room a name, a description (optional) and assign admins for this specific data room

    1. if you don't assign specific admins, you will be assigned by default

The project will include a data room and file request by default.

If you want to customize the modules available in different project templates, simply contact your Capcade account rep or message us in the chat button.

The activity log and settings of the project will encompass all aspects of your project - using the default template this would include activity and settings of the data room and file request.

Inviting users and organizations to your Data Room

  1. Click the green Invite button in the upper right

  2. Select either internal users or external users when promoted and click continue

  3. In the contacts field, enter the names, emails or groups of users you want to invite

  4. By default in the resources field, the system will assume you want to invite users to this specific data room, you can add other data rooms, transactions, projects or marketplaces if you wish as well

    1. you can invite users to any resource where you have the permission to do so

  5. The invitation dialog will have one final screen summarizing whom you invited and what you invited them to - press Continue to finalize the invitation

Please note - when you invite external organizations to the data room, the admins of that external organization can assign their users to the data room; when you invite specific users and groups, the access is limited to just them

Setting permissions in the data room

  1. Click on the relevant data room

  2. Select the Members tab

  3. Click on the Project Room Permissions button and select Data room

  4. You will see who you have invited in the permission matrix and can set permissions accordingly

When inviting internal colleagues to help you manage the data room you may want to enable them to "Manage document permissions" (make folders and files visible) and "Manage overall access" (invite others to the VDR).

Managing document permissions in the data room

  1. Click on the relevant data room

  2. Click on the Document Permissions button

You will now see a matrix of your files and folders in the data room with who has access. By default, permissions are set to no access, but you can grant view only, download and print and edit (to enable uploads) access as desired on a file or folder level.

To learn more about data rooms and projects, visit our help guide!

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