File Requests

Create a direct upload access point when collecting files from internal or external stakeholders

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File Uploads

On Capcade, you can create file requests for your colleagues, clients or service providers that creates a set destination for the files you are collecting.

Creating an File Request

Watch a short video:

Or follow the step-by-step guide:

  1. Visit a workspace that has a File Request

  2. Select the File Request tab

  3. Click the Create File Request button

  4. Give the request a name, assign users to upload files, give an upload destination via VDRs you have access to and set a deadline (optional)

    1. the reporter list will be comprised of users who have access to this project

    2. you can invite any external or internal user to the project via the invitation dialog

    3. you can choose any VDR destination where you have view rights

  5. Click the Create File Request button

Your reporters will get an email immediately with a link to the upload section

Creating a public Drop Zone

You can create a public URL where anyone with the link can upload the necessary files. This is ideal if you don't know who exactly has the file you need (i.e. it's somebody in accounting).

  1. Visit a File Request

  2. Click the 3 dots button and select Share

  3. Select Public and click Continue

  4. Copy the link

Now anyone with the link can upload the file and it will arrive at the pre-set destination.

Uploading a File

When someone has invited you to upload a file, you will receive an email notification with a link to the drop zones for your report submissions or you can use the publicly available URL that was shared with you (if one was created).

When using the public URL you will have to confirm your email via an authentication code for security.

If you are registered Capcade user, you can also access the upload request anytime when logging on to Capcade.

  1. Select the relevant resource you have access to from your dashboard

  2. Select File Request

  3. Drag and drop files or click the Browse Files button

  4. Click the Upload button

Tagging Documents

When using a file request, you can assign tags to the documents that will be uploaded.

1. Open a file request

2. Fill in the necessary information regarding name, description, reporter(s) and destination folder location

3. Create a tag or tags for the files to be uploaded (for example you can label incoming financial statements as "financials"

Now when using global search, you can quickly pull up the tagged files.

Recurring reminders

When using a file request, you can define notification reminders for recurring reporting.

  1. Create or open a file request

  2. Define the deadline as the final date of the reporting period, for example 3 years from today - as defined by the reporting requirements

  3. Set a reminder to notify reporter of the requirement to report, this can be monthly, annually or custom for example every quarter

Reports will be notified of the reporting requirement and will be able to upload their latest reports using the open file request

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