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Creating a Transaction
Creating a Transaction
Open your own transaction, invite, set permissions and publish to marketplaces or portfolios
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Your Transactions

On Capcade, you can participate in transactions you control or join transactions owned by counterparties

Creating a Transaction

  1. Create a workspace or open a workspace where you can add a transaction

  2. Visit the setts tab and click the Transaction button to add a transaction (you can add transactions directly when you open a workspace)

Building Transaction Terms

A dialog will appear with templates that describe different types of transactions, there's also an option to create a transaction from scratch. You can contact your account representative to inquire about creating custom transaction templates.

  1. Select the template of your choosing and click Proceed

  2. Enter the relevant terms as you see fit

    1. the lock icon next to some terms indicates the term can be set to non-negotiable when the time comes for counterparty offers

  3. The Additional Conditions section lets you create custom condition(s)

  4. Click Update Transaction

  5. The information you just set will be available in the Transaction tab for those granted access to the Project

Inviting specific users and organizations to your Transaction

  1. Click the Invite button

  2. Follow the wizard to invite an internal or external party to your workspace

    1. From your workspace permissions you can manage the transaction permissions

please note - when you invite external organizations, the admins of that external organization can assign their users to the transaction; when you invite specific users and groups, the access is limited to just them

Publish the transaction to a marketplace

  1. Click on the relevant transaction

  2. Click the Publish Transaction button

  3. Select the marketplace(s) where you would like the transaction to appear

  4. Click the Publish button

A teaser of the key information regarding this transaction will appear in the marketplaces you selected, learn more on how you can create your own private marketplace.

To learn more about workspaces in general, visit our help guide!

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