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Creating a Signing Request
Creating a Signing Request

Set a document to be signed by internal and/or external parties

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Your Signing Request

On Capcade, you can create a signing request with a document and set internal and external individuals to sign the document and/or add a custom text field to specify date, location, job title etc.

Creating a Signing Request

  1. Visit the file directly in the data room

  2. Right click or select the actions button to bring up the Request Signature option

  3. Give the request a name and description (optional)

  4. Assign at least one signatory - this can include yourself - from a list of internal colleagues and external users you are connected to on the Capcade platform

  5. Click the Next button

please note - the file must be in a data room you have access to already, if you do not see your desired file make sure you have proper permissions and/or go and upload your target file to a data room

Setting the areas of a document for eSignature

  1. After following the steps above you can now select areas on the document where you want individuals to sign and/or write text

  2. Select the individual from the dropdown menu under define fields

  3. Click the signature icon or the text icon to create a markup area and place on the page as needed

  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each individual and click the Create button

Signing a document

  1. When requested to sign a document on Capcade you will get an email alert that will take you directly to the signing request page - alternatively you can see any outstanding signing requests on the dashboard

  2. Click on the file name that is tagged "waiting for you"

  3. Click on the sign here button marked on the page

  4. You can now draw, type or upload your signature with red, blue or black ink

  5. Click the Finish button

The other parties of the signature request will be notified you have completed your section. When all signatories are gathered the you will be alerted and you can download the completed document.

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