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Editing Documents in Microsoft Office
Editing Documents in Microsoft Office

Collaborate with colleagues in real-time or edit Office documents yourself in Capcade

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Leveraging Microsoft 365 inside Capcade VDRs

On Capcade, you can edit Word, Excel and Powerpoint files using your Microsoft 365 account. Editing Office documents inside Capcade is free, you just need a valid Microsoft 365 business account.

*please note Safari is not supported by Microsoft for this feature at this time, we recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox

Editing an Office Document

  1. Go to the Dashboard

  2. Select the relevant VDR by choosing from the list of VDRs you have access to (alternatively, you can create your own VDR).

  3. Upload or select an existing Office file (Work, Excel, or Powerpoint)

    1. if you have edit rights to the file the Edit In Office button will appear

    2. if you do not have edit rights you can ask the Data Room owner enable you via Document Permissions

  4. After you click the Edit in Office button you will be asked to sign in with your Office 365 credentials.

please note - the screen above is Microsoft asking for your Office 365 account details that is linked to your company's Microsoft business account (which is different than your Capcade login)

After logging in with your Office account, You can now use the features of the web versions of Office inside Capcade, including commenting, autosaving and collaboration via real-timing coauthoring.

Your document continuously auto-saves inside Capcade so when you are done you can simply close the tab and return to your VDR.

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