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Commenting and Managing Approvals and Reviews on PDF Documents
Commenting and Managing Approvals and Reviews on PDF Documents

Comment and collaborate on documents with your colleagues to streamline approval workflows

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Collaborate on Documents

On Capcade, you can use comments, and statuses (such as accept or reject) to make internal workflows flow smoothly.

Commenting on a PDF inside a VDR

  1. Go to the Dashboard

  2. Select the relevant VDR by choosing from the list of VDRs you have access to (alternatively, you can create your own VDR).

  3. Upload or select an existing file

  4. Click on the name of the PDF to pull up the viewer

  5. To create a comment select the caption button (the yellow icon in the header), and click anywhere on the document

You or your colleagues can make comments or assign statuses for the comments (such as accepted) via the button in the upper right corner in the comment itself

You comments can now be seen by users who have permission to view the document so the comments can be used internally or externally during collaboration phases.

When there are several comments on the page, you can sort and filter by who made the comment, approval status, date etc.

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