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Custom VDR Email Addresses
Custom VDR Email Addresses

Capcade data rooms have dedicated email address where files can be sent to make document collection easier

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Setting the email address for your VDR

Watch a short video:

Or follow the step-by-step guide:

  1. Visit any workspace where you have a data room

  2. Make sure it's a VDR you own or have the permission to update details

    1. we also have a quick guide on data room permissions

  3. Click on Settings

  4. Scroll down to the data room module and click the arrow to expand the options

  5. Click the pencil icon

You can now edit the prefix of the email address to anything you like. The suffix of the email will be set by your organizations name.

Be sure to click the Add button. You can now set the new email as default and click save.

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