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Data Room File and Folder Cloning
Data Room File and Folder Cloning

Files and folders in your Capcade data rooms can be copied across VDRs for duplication and custodianship

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Copying files across VDRs

Watch a short video:

Or follow the step-by-step guide:

  1. Visit your workspace that has the relevant data room

  2. Select the relevant data room in which you want to copy a file or a folder to another VDR

    1. note you must have the relevant edit permission in both VDRs

  3. Select the file or folder you want to copy

  4. Click the Copy icon

  5. Select the destination VDR from the dropdown menu

  6. Choose a folder destination or create a new folder if needed

  7. Click the Copy button

Now the file or folder will be available in both VDRs.

Please note that you have just created a copy from the original. If edits are made to the original file(s) in the future, it will not affect the copied version (and vice versa).

To see how to create your own data room, visit our article below!

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