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Workspace Filters
Workspace Filters

You can filter Workspace you have access to by resources and entity

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Organizing Your Workspaces

On the Workspaces tab, you will see all the workspaces you have access to, wether you created the workspace or if you were invited to it.

In order to make it easy to find relevant workspaces, you can use a filter option to sort through your list.

You can filter workspaces by the types of resources it contains (data room, smart document etc.) or by who created the workspaces (your entity or an external entity).

  1. Visit the Workspace section

  2. Select the filters

  3. Hit the reset button if you want to remove the filters and see all your workspaces

When no filter is selected, all available Workspaces are displayed.

To learn more about Workspaces, check out our article below!

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