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Workspace Permissions
Workspace Permissions

Intuitive workspace permissions allow you to manage a workspace and it's modules

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Workspace Permissions

On Capcade, you can orchestrate workflows via Workspaces. These workspaces are comprised of different combinations of Capcade modules such as a data room, task list, canvas etc.

Workspace permission types

All workspace modules to have three options:

  • No access (nothing selected)

  • View access

  • Manage access

Workspace admin is now a simple selection - either on or off. If selected, workspace admins will have "Manage" rights for all workspace modules, including data room modules.

This works both ways - all members that are granted manage access to all modules will become workspace admins.

Workspace roles simplify permission management

Workspace roles allow users to manage groups that require the same level of access to the system. Roles can be used to set permission for a specific stage of a deal or stakeholder group, allowing you to setup the permissions once and move members between roles as they progress through a process.

It is important to note that the members within a role will inherit the highest permission they are assigned to, i.e. if a member forms part of two roles, they will inherit the roles per module that grants them the highest access rights.

To learn more about workspace roles, visit this help article.

Managing workspace permissions

If you are a workspace admin, you will have access to the permission control centre within the workspace. To manage permissions to modules:

  1. Navigate to the relevant workspace, or create a new workspace

  2. Click the "PERMISSIONS" button

  3. Select the workspace from the drop-down menu

  4. Review the permissions matrix, which shows all the modules on the Y axis and all the members on the X axis, which now displays workspace roles

  5. Make any necessary changes

  6. Click "Save"

It is important to note that workspace permission settings and workspace roles seetings are now directly linked. Changing the workspace permission settings will change the roles setting in the permission dialogue.

Custom workspace permissions

Each user, besides having a role, can have their independent permissions on the Workspace or Data Room module. This is particularly useful for granting access to specific documents or modules to members, without having to grant the access to the rest of their roles.

These users essentially have the sum of all permissions they have through roles and their individual permissions.

To grant a user custom permissions:

  1. Open the Workspace Permissions dialog

  2. Click Add Members button

  3. Select the member you want to give custom permissions to and Click Add

*If you add custom permissions to a user over a Data Room module, they will also appear separately in the Document Permissions dialogs of that Workspace.

Additionally, Custom permissions can be removed the same way.

To remove custom permissions:

  1. Open the Workspace Permissions dialog

  2. Click More Actions next to the user you want to update

  3. Click Clear custom permissions

Once you apply the changes, the user will continue having access to the Workspace only through the roles they are in. In the members tab, a user with custom permissions will be denoted with a cog icon next to their name to bring attention to this at the member level.

Filter members in permissions

Large projects with multiple external stakeholders can be a nightmare to manage, so this advanced filtering will enable users to quickly find the stakeholders they are looking for and quickly update their access rights within the workspace.

  1. Navigate to the relevant workspace

  2. Click "PERMISSIONS" in the top right corner of Capcade

  3. Select the workspace name from the drop down menu - this will open the permissions matrix

  4. In the top left, you can apply your filter on members by choosing the members dropdown menu, which includes filtering for workspace roles

Workspace admins

Workspace admins can easily assign workspace admin rights to other members of a workspace to grant members or roles ability to manage a workspace.

  1. As with the steps above, navigate to the relevant workspace

  2. Click the "PERMISSIONS" button

  3. Select the workspace from the drop-down menu

  4. In the "Admin" row of the matrix, tick the box of the colleague you would like to make an admin of the workspace

  5. Only workspace admins can assign other workspace members to become admins

  6. Workspace admins will get manage rights to all workspace modules

Alternatively, within the workspace roles, you can add individuals to the "Admin" role type.

You can now grant workspace admin rights to external users. For example, you can give an advisor or trusted partner the ability to manage a workspace and the relevant permission therein on your behalf

Workspaces without admins

In the event of a user leaving an organisation and being deactivated on the Capcade system resulting in a workspace without an active admin, you can now assign an admin from your entity to that workspace in entity setting.

  1. Navigate to "Entity" tab in the main navigation

  2. In entity module click the "Workspace without admins" tab in the top navigation

  3. In the "Workspace without admins" you will be able to see all workspaces without admins

  4. Click on the action button (•••) to assign a workspace admin from your entity to the selected workspace

  5. In the pop-up search for a user or internal group of users to assign workspace admin rights

Removing users from workspaces

  1. Navigate to the relevant workspace

  2. Click on the "Members" tab

  3. Select the members and/or groups you would like to remove from the workspace - you can do this with the multi-select tick box if you have multiple members you would like to remove - or simply click on the name of the individual member/group

  4. Click "Remove from workspace" in the top right corner of the members tab

  5. Click "REMOVE"

These members will no longer have access to any modules within the workspace, including the data room if applicable.

Managing data room permissions

Visit this article to learn how to manage data room and document permissions.

To learn more about permissions, visit the collection of articles in our help guide.

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