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Managing Document Permissions
Managing Document Permissions

Edit and view the permissions given for specific files and folders

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View and Modify Your Document Permissions

On Capcade, you are able to maintain the permissions for individuals and groups and their capabilities in regards to specific documents and folders.

Navigating the Document Permissions

  1. Visit the workspace with your data room

  2. Click the Permissions button

  3. Choose the data room(s) you want to edit permissions for

  4. Configure the permissions settings for files and folders as you see fit

  5. Click apply changes

There is also the option to 'Override Permissions' below each individual or group. This will change their permissions for every file in the VDR, so be mindful when using this function to avoid unintentional file permissions.

To learn more about permissions in Capcade, you can visit are collection of articles below:

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