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Tasks on Capcade
Tasks on Capcade

Tasks can help you manage and organize daily duties, activities and workflows for internal team members and external collaborators

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Your Tasks

An exciting new feature on Capcade is Tasks. Tasks enable users to better plan and focus their regular daily activities and coordinate internal and external team members. You can create and assign tasks to your contacts, track the status of the task, set deadlines and be notified when tasks are completed.

Lists provide you possibility to better organize and group tasks in it. Appropriate permissions provide more granular access and functionalities to tasks.

Users are able to create new workspace by choosing Tasks template.

  1. Go to the Workspace section and click the Create button (you can also add tasks to an existing workspace via settings)

  2. Select Tasks

    1. if you organization created custom templates for projects, select the relevant template that includes tasks

  3. Give the Task list a name, description (optional), assign admins and click Create

After the workspace has been created visit the Tasks tab to start assign tasks.

  1. Visit the task tab in a project that has the task list module

  2. Click the New Task button

  3. Assign the task a name, description (optional) assignee(s), set a deadline (optional) and click Create

After the task is created, you or your invited collaborators can change its status (To Do, In Progress, Done).

Click on a task ID to bring up the task ID page which displays all the relevant information related to the task.

To learn more about tasks and it's members visit our collection below!

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