Updated dashboard that provides an overview of your work priorities and quick access to key resources

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Your Capcade Dashboard

Your Capcade dashboard is your cockpit to manage your workload and helps you quickly pick up where you left off. The Capcade dashboard includes:

  • Favorites - all your workspaces, files and folders you would like quick access to

  • Your tasks - all tasks assigned to you, broken down by status

  • Recently viewed - access workspaces you have recently viewed and worked in

  • Activity log - filtered view of your recent activity on platform, hyperlinked to the item that has been viewed or worked on

  • Calendar - a monthly view of your tasks and file requests shows all upcoming events, with a summary of events for the next 7 days

Capcade dashboard

You dashboard is automatically your home screen when logging into Capcade. You can also navigate to your dashboard quickly with the icon in the left sidebar.

In addition to the updated dashboard, tasks and projects have been released, to learn more check out our collection of articles!

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