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Workspace Cloning
Workspace Cloning

Cloning enables users to create a new workspace faster and easier by cloning an existing workspace

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Workspace Cloning

Creating a new workspace can be done by creating a new blank workspace from a template, or cloning an existing workspace to leverage the structure, content, members, roles and permissions of the existing workspace.

Cloning a workspace

  1. Click on "Workspaces" on the left navigation pane

  2. On the workspaces tab, you will see all the workspaces you have access to, whether you created the workspace or you were invited to it

  3. Locate the workspace you wish to clone, and then click on the action button (•••) under the "Actions" column

  4. Click "Clone"

  5. Set a new name and description for the new workspace

  6. Select the specific modules you want to bring over to the new workspace from the existing workspace

  7. If needed, you can choose to carry over the same members and associated role structure to the new workspace by ticking the "Clone members" check-box - all members of the workspace being cloned will be notified

  8. Please note a few considerations:

    • In order to clone a workspace, you need the correct workspace permissions

    • You will be automatically given admin permissions for the new workspace you have cloned

    • If you tick the box to clone the members (step 7), you will clone the members, roles and role permission structures, for both the workspace and data room - i.e. the members and roles will remain as they were in the original workspace

    • If you do not tick the box to clone the members (step 7), you will lose all of the roles you created, their associated permissions, and the members assigned to those roles - i.e. you will need to create these from scratch

To learn more about workspaces, visit the collection of articles in our help guide.

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