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Workspace Cloning
Workspace Cloning

Cloning enables you to start a new workspace faster and easier by creating a robust template

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Cloning a Workspace

You are able to clone an existing workspace in order to use the structure as a template for a new workspace. This includes content, participants and permissions.

  1. Visit the Workspace section

  2. Find the workspace you wish to clone

  3. Select the Actions icon and click Clone

    1. In order to clone a workspace, you need the correct workspace permissions

    2. You will be automatically given admin permissions for the new workspace

    3. You can select the specific modules you want to bring over to the new workspace

When cloning, the you will be given the opportunity to set a new name and description for the new workspace.

The dialog will display a short message stipulating which resources of the workspace will be cloned.

Once created, all members of the workspace being cloned will be notified.

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