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You can share your files with a public URL or with a link restricted to Capcade users

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Sharing files with restricted link

  1. Visit the data room where your file is located

  2. Click the link icon next to the title of file

  3. The link will be automatically copied to your clipboard so you can paste in any chat message, email or document as necessary

Please note that upon clicking the link, the recipient will have to log on to Capcade and have the proper permissions to view or edit the file.

Updated restricted link sharing

You can now setup the permissions during link sharing, to ensure that the user receiving the invite has the correct permissions when link is opened.

This is handled in the new pop-up window for restricted link sharing.

Sharing files with a public URL

  1. Visit the date room where your file is located

  2. Right click or select the actions button and select Share

  3. When prompted, choose the Public option and click Continue

  4. Confirm that you want to publicly share the file and click Share

  5. Copy the generated link and share as desired

Please note, the file will be available to anyone with the link and a web browser.

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